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Dealing with a broken childhood… Part 1

This post is about my childhood, and how it shaped the person and mother I am today. It's not a fairy tale story of buttercups and Daisy, far from it actually. But it's the truth, MY TRUTH! Most people can look back at their childhoods and remember many fun adventures time's, birthdays, holidays, exciting memories… Continue reading Dealing with a broken childhood… Part 1

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The eardrum’s that stole Christmas!

I had so many expectations for Christmas this year, I'm a sucked for anything christmassy. I live for a house full of decorations and tinsel, presents stacked so high you can't see the kiddies. The smell of cinnamon and spiced apple, the warm fuzzy feelings you get inside. Well this Christmas starting going pear shaped… Continue reading The eardrum’s that stole Christmas!

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Growth spurt….finally

Today is a good day! Jesse-James is finally! YES finally in 12-18months clothes, he is 3 years old, has just been diagnosed with Coeliac. So we're currently trying all new foods out, hoping he gains a lot more weight so he can grow bigger. Having a tiny boy can be "cute" at times but sometimes… Continue reading Growth spurt….finally

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Being poorly and mum guilt….

Today is a bad day, I have never felt so run down. I always seem to get poorly during the school holidays. I had so many plans for today, I wanted to finish off painting the newly plastered bedroom. I wanted to take to the kiddies to the art museum. Get shopping and washing all… Continue reading Being poorly and mum guilt….