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Dear Mother…..

Dear Mother......Mother dearest, I am writing this as a way of not only thanking you, but to also apologise as well. I wish to start by thanking you, for not only bringing me into this world, but also always being there for me no matter what. From the very first day of my life, I… Continue reading Dear Mother…..

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Growth spurt….finally

Today is a good day! Jesse-James is finally! YES finally in 12-18months clothes, he is 3 years old, has just been diagnosed with Coeliac. So we're currently trying all new foods out, hoping he gains a lot more weight so he can grow bigger. Having a tiny boy can be "cute" at times but sometimes… Continue reading Growth spurt….finally

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Being poorly and mum guilt….

Today is a bad day, I have never felt so run down. I always seem to get poorly during the school holidays. I had so many plans for today, I wanted to finish off painting the newly plastered bedroom. I wanted to take to the kiddies to the art museum. Get shopping and washing all… Continue reading Being poorly and mum guilt….

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The last jigsaw piece..

The last Jigsaw piece is always the best, it's that missing link to making the picture complete, wonderful, exciting and beautiful. It's that piece that finishes off all the distractions and hours, weeks and months of frustration. It's that piece that makes you turn the whole house upside down to find, you search in every… Continue reading The last jigsaw piece..